With the upcoming release of the new Apple iPhone X, we can barely look back and not think of a time when there wasn’t ‘an app for that’. Since the iPhone’s release in 2007, every part of our day has been changed by technology that improves efficiency in daily routine. Nothing is more important to our routine than eating food (imagine that). On average, young American’s spend $151 a week on food, according to GALLUP. So knowing this it was only a matter of time til there was an integration between food and technology.


Fast food and delivery have been around for a long time. For years, actually thousands of years, food has been delivered one way or another. In the ruins of Pompeii fast food shops are found all around the city, and in the 14th century, France butchers would send food to wealthy families. Post World War 2 the Pizza delivery shop starting showing up all around America (Time.com). While this has been a slow and arduous process today with the integration of technology we have a delivery for all people from almost any restaurant. No longer are there days where you have to reserve a seat to eat at your favorite diner. You can just use one of the On-Demand delivery services to bring the food to your door.


According to Forbes, 44% of all millennials spend money on food delivery. 86.5 million American’s have used at least one on demand delivery app (link). Columbus, known as the ‘silicon valley’ of food, is the perfect place to find great value with your delivery apps. There is ample amount of opportunities for third party delivery systems and the delivery companies to make capital. There are approximately 860,000 people in the city of Columbus and about 8% of those people attend The Ohio State University. Through this, the Ohio State student community can be more accessible.


Hoggy’s is Columbus’ oldest BBQ restaurant, serving the city for more than 25 years. In the past, Hoggy’s had multiple locations serving a dining room that sat more than 200+ people. Nowadays we don’t need that dining room because we can just serve you in the comfort of your own home. Hoggy’s has decided to partner with On-Demand apps like Postmates, Amazon Restaurants, and BiteSquad. We want our smoked meats and famous sides to be able to get to you no matter where you are in the city. Most restaurants are starting to partner with the emerging on demand food delivery services, so you should too!