The Holidays in a Bag

The Holidays are a hectic, yet wonderful time of year. The rush to get the best gifts for your friends and family can be stressful. We all understand this. There are other things that can make your holidays more mind-boggling. By the name of the title, you can probably assume that we are talking about food (which we are also a restaurant so there’s that). So here’s our pitch…

Relax, sit back, enjoy the company of others. Let us worry about the food, just pick it up. It’ll be waiting for you in a bag at 830 Bethel Road. Holidays are for spending time with others and taking some much earned time off. Don’t make yourself be in the kitchen all day, get the food that is near you and done by Columbus’ original BBQ.

Our Holiday in a Bag specials ranges at two prices, ready to feed up to 10 people. They are perfect for a single sit down family meal or for leftovers the day after. Check the link below to see our menu, or order your Holiday in a bag now!

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