Tailgate Catering

Natives of Columbus grow up in the shadow of the Horse Shoe, one of the largest Sports Pantheons in the World. Columbus residents worship the Ohio State University Buckeyes, the most popular College Football team on the planet. We all know what the fall is for, the Buckeyes and tailgating.

In the 26 years since Hoggy’s opened we have been a staple of OSU tailgating. Our BBQ goes perfectly with any pre game festivities. We have a good mixture of finger foods -so you can walk, talk and party- and the best of quality. We have it all. Oh, and if you want to be the talk of the block, we also do Whole Hog Roasts.

This year we offer our bulk selections and a new special. We will create a $10.95/guest package for every home game:

Bulk Options:

-Pulled Pork = $10.95/lb.

-Pulled Chicken = $10.95/lb.

-Chopped Beef Brisket = $12.95/lb.

-4 Inch Sub Buns = $5.50/dz.

-Slider Buns = $0.32 each

-Smoked Ribs = $16.95/Half Rack    $21.95/Full Rack

-Smoked Wings = $22/25ct.   $43/50ct.   $80/100ct.

(Sauces: Hoggy’s Garlic Ranch, Hoggy’s Honey Garlic, Sweet Bourbon BBQ, Sweet Baby Rays, Teriyaki, Hoggy’s BBQ, Mild, Hoggy’s Jamaican, Hoggy’s Cajun, Sweet Chili, Texas Pete Hot, Hoggy’s Hogfire, Armando’s XXX Inferno)

-Mac & Cheese = $5.50/lb.

-Green Beans = $5.95/lb.

-Baked Beans = $6.95/qt.

-Coleslaw = $6.95/qt.

-Garlic Roasted Redskin Potatoes = $5.25/lb.

-Mashed Potatoes & Gravy = $5.25/lb.

-Cheesy Potatoes = $5.50/lb.

-Pasta Salad = $5.25/lb.a

-Potato Salad = $5.25/lb.

-Fruit Salad = $6.25/lb.

-Homemade Chips & Dip = $16/Half Pan   $30/Full Pan

-Corn Muffins w/ Honey Butter = $0.75/each   $8.95/dz.

Homemade Soups:

-Hearty Chili = $34.95/gal.   $17.48/½ gal.

-Hearty Chicken Gumbo = $34.95/gal.   $17.48/½ gal.


-Fresh Fruit Tray = $59.95

-Mixed Veggie Tray = $54.95

-Cheese & Cracker Tray = $59.95

-Meatballs = $29.95(50 pieces) – BBQ, Italian, Swedish

-Stuffed Mushrooms = $64.95/Sausage Stuffed – 50 pieces

  $ 64.95/Boursin Cheese Stuffed – 35 pieces

-Spinach Artichoke Dip = $65.95

-Chicken Tenders = $45.00 (35 pieces)

-Stuffed Redskin Potatoes = $39.95 (30 pieces)

-Deviled Eggs = $1.99 (each)


-Homemade Cookies = $1 each

-Turtle Brownies = $1.45 each

-Homemade Buckeye Cupcakes = $1.50 each

-Buckeyes = $


-Bottled Water = $1.45 each

-Canned Sodas = $1.25 each

-Fresh Brewed Iced Tea = $8.95/gal.

-Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea = $8.95/gal.

-Fresh Squeezed Lemonade = $8.95/gal.

Fresh Brewed Coffee = $15.95/gal.

We have also partnered with tailgating companies to supply you with tents, grills, and all sorts of tailgating supplies:

Tony’s Tailgate and Party Rentals

Tailgate Ten

Call 614-453-4647 to start planning your tailgates today. Falls are for Ohio State Football!