Rub it, Smoked it, Pull it… Crash Course Off the Bone Meats

Since it’s beginning, Hoggy’s has strived to combine many regional BBQ techniques to make our own. We call it Columbus style BBQ.

We use locally sourced wood (Apple & Oak) and smoked our meats LOW & SLOW in order to achieve super tender meats. Different types of wood lead to different results. Some meats need denser wood to unlock the tenderness we (and you) desire, while something like Apple is perfect for Pork.

Our Pork recipe comes from North Carolina. We researched famous BBQ spots down south, and when it comes to Pulled Pork, North Carolina took the crown. We then add some of our own touches to make it Columbus Style.

For Brisket, we looked to Texas. Texas is where the best Brisket comes from hands down. We learned how to properly prep the meat, how much to rub it in order to not take away the beef flavor, and how high & long to smoke it. Our Brisket has come a long way, and we are proud of the progress we have made in the recent year.

Our Turkey is one of the newer menu items. We have been doing Thanksgiving meals now for over 20 years, but never had put Turkey on the menu. This last year that changed. Turkey is the same recipe we have been doing over that time.

Pulled Chicken isn’t always on a lot of BBQ Menus. It is a meat that is hard to keep moist and loses flavor a lot faster than most meats. We made our own version of this by using our Original BBQ sauce to give it flavor and keep it moist. Both Turkey and Chicken are the leanest of the smoked meats and go perfectly on our Salads as well.

We love to hear feedback from our community, if you have any comments or good ideas email!