Pulled Meats

We’re sure you have already heard about it from someone else. It is every bit as good as what you hear, but you won’t know until you try!


Hoggy’s Famous Pulled Meats, pork, chicken and brisket, are hand rubbed with our signature mixture of seasonings and spices. The meats are then smoked over Apple Wood for a specific amount of time. The Pulled Pork for 14 hours, the pulled chicken for 4 hours and the brisket for 16 hours. The pulled pork and chicken are mixed with Hoggy’s Original BBQ sauce and the brisket is pulled, chopped, and then served with Au Jus and a creamy horseradish sauce. Sliced Brisket is also available with a 48 hour notice.

“The Meat was of excellent quality, everyone loved it. Our delivery guy was also super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Hoggy’s for this in the future!” – Megan Burger, MXD Group