Meet our new team member and Executive Chef, Robb Carpenter!

Hoggy’s wants to introduce our Porkstars to our new team member and Executive Chef, Robert Carpenter!

Chef Robb Grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania, an hour away from Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the “office” takes place. Growing up Chef Robb played 3 sports, and eventually landed a scholarship to play College Baseball. Not knowing where he wanted the future to take him, he decided to join the United States Army at age 19. He a Veteran of Iraq, and Afghanistan, earning many prestigious awards and decorations for his time in service. Upon completion of his Army contract Chef Robb returned to his home with the intention of becoming a State Trooper. It was his brother, Derick, who inspired him to turn to culinary. He moved to Columbus, Ohio in the spring of 2015, and attended culinary school. Chef Robb has developed, and improved menus for Cameron Mitchell’s, Piada, Bakersfield, as well as Max & Erma’s. He has also competed in culinary competitions and was awarded top upcoming chef in 2016. His passion for high volume catering and quality food landed him as the executive chef for us at Hoggy’s.

“There’s something about the hectic, chaotic days in the kitchen that calms my nerves and lets me know I’m in a field where I belong. Seeing my brother’s passion for food, and culinary drove me to the field, but simply partaking in the chaos, and structure of kitchen management brings me back to the structure the army offered. In every aspect of cooking, certain things go well with others. Just as in science class certain atoms of molecules interact with others, spices, herbs, and ingredients act the same way. From finding out what wood smokes the best poultry, as opposed to pork, or even testing a simple ingredient that can hit the home run of taste buds. To me, it is second nature, because I have an inspiring chef like my brother to fall back on, and look up too.”

When not at work Chef Robb enjoys hunting, fishing, long Harley rides, working out and most importantly spending time with his 19-month-old son Jackson. Come Visit Chef Robb at Hoggy’s!