Mac and Cheese Monday is here!

Every Monday from here on out is Mac and Cheese Monday at Hoggy’s. We will be offering two different specials:

  1. Mac and Cheese Bowls – Use Mac and Cheese as a base and add smoked meat, sauce, and toppings to make your mountain of pleasure!
  2. Buy 1 lb of Mac and get 1 Lb free!

Our Mac & Cheese is super special to us. The recipe has been passed on for three generations starting with our Grandmother, Shirley Martinet:

Does our famous Mac & Cheese make you feel at home? For us, it is home. Growing up our ‘Mogee’, Shirley Martinet, would make us her signature Mac & Cheese and wouldn’t let us stop eating until there was nothing left.


Nowadays we share the love and compassion that she put into every batch for the people of Columbus. When you’re eating our Mac & Cheese, think about someone or something that feels like home to you.