Sauce Spotlight: Jamaican Me Crazy

Here at Hoggy’s, we don’t like to be your average BBQ. Our mission is to make the best BBQ in the world! To do that we take inspiration from every part of the BBQ world to improve our customer’s experience. That is why we have 12 different house-made sauces that are inspired by different BBQ traditions. We wanted to highlight those for you so that you can get to know how you want to sauce your BBQ up!

This week, we wanted to focus on the Jamaican Me Crazy sauce. This is one of our most popular sauces. On Wing Wednesday, it is the most sold sauce. It is inspired by Jamaican Jerk traditions and blends some spice with some tangy sweetness. It goes very well with any one of our meats but is most popular with our Smoked Chicken Wings. Its beautiful glaze makes the picture-perfect wing, which you know what they say, eyes eat first. This is the perfect sauce for those who want a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, it’s so good it’ll drive you crazy until you can get some more!