Hoggy’s is Keeping it Clean!

We are sure that you are aware of the growing virus making headlines. We are as concerned about all of our customer’s safety. We are taking every step necessary to make sure that we are keeping our Restaurant and Food safe from the COVID-19 spread.
To do this we are taking extra precautions with food handling safety. All of our employees are instructed to wear gloves all the time and washing their hands immediately after coming into contact with any surface. We are sanitizing any and all surfaces throughout our workdays. We are also enforcing that no employee comes into work if they are feeling any of the symptoms of COVID-19. All of our food is made fresh and follow strict Servsafe and Ohio Health Department guidelines.

We will also be offering non-contact delivery and pick up. This means that for Deliveries we will call you when we arrive and leave the food in a safe place for you to collect. We will not leave the delivery site until we know for certain you have safely received your food. For pick up orders at our restaurant on 830 Bethel Road, we will have a special area for you to pick up your food without coming into contact with other people.

If you have any questions or concerns, call our Director of Business Development, Kyle Turner, at 614-558-6779.