Do the Hogster Mash… Hoggy’s October Catering Specials

Do the HOGster Mash

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Do the Mash, the Hogster Mash…

On Holloween, kids walk around the block to get candy, free candy, at the end of every October dressed up in costumes. Adults… well we mostly sit at our desk all month then pass out free candy that we spent hard earned cash on to kids who might have to get a cavity filled which costs more hard earned cash. It’s a good tradition though, right? Well… We do it for the kids, which makes it worth it.


Why should they have all the fun, adults deserve a good Holiday also! Treat yourself this month whether it be at the office, a family get-together, a tailgate, or just a friendly party. Hoggy’s Catering will make Holloween a trick and a treat! Do the Hogster Mash today!


This month we feature discounted deals with our famous, Columbus original BBQ. We are giving you lunch boxes with subs, Smoked BBQ Meat Buffets, some German authentic Octoberfest meals, and a Package that will make your tailgate the talk of the parking lot. Check out the specials on our catering menu (linked above) and call 614-453-4647 (or online, just click the big red order online button!).