What does BBQ and Hoggy’s have in common with the Cleveland Indians?

Growing up in Ohio, we get a taste of both sides of the coin when it comes to the Sports teams we root for. On one hand, we have THE Ohio State Buckeyes, one of the most storied college basketball and college football programs ever. Then we have our pro sports teams. The Cleveland Browns have never won a Superbowl. The Cleveland Cavaliers historically were mediocre until Ohio’s Chosen One, Lebron James, brought an NBA championship to our city and state. The Columbus Blue Jackets, while on the up and up, have a short history compared to the rest of the NHL. Their biggest accomplishments are going to the NHL playoffs and not much else. Columbus Crew is one of the original teams in a not so old MLS. While it is growing in popularity and the Crew have an MLS Cup to their name most United States Sports fans don’t count that when thinking about big ‘Sports Cities’.


Now we have the Cleveland Indians. THE CLEVELAND INDIANS. A franchise that is favorite to win the World Series this year. Great pitching, talented fielders, and some exciting bats. To top it all off we have the Yoda of Coaching in Terry Francona. Now you ask, how does this relate to Hoggy’s. Honestly, it doesn’t BUT as a lifelong Cleveland Sports fan, we’re gonna try.


First off, who doesn’t love Barbeque? Not a lot of people. Who doesn’t love a good hometown team winning a championship? Not a lot of people. During the recession Hoggy’s took a bunch of L’s, closing down multiple stores. During the same period, the Tribe had a 44% winning percentage. Since then? Hoggy’s has been re-creating our business and making our way back while the Indians have had +.500 win seasons for the last 5 years. See the similarities yet? To top it all off the Indians get to face the Yankee’s first, while Hoggy’s has to face some of the best restaurants in the US. Some would say that Hoggy’s and the Indians have, as the Rapper Drizzy Drake once said, “Started from the Bottom now we here”.


PS Our BBQ would go great with a viewing party.