When AI does the food ordering for you…..

Last Wednesday, South Park, a satirical adult friendly cartoon opened up a new season. In the episode, constant references led to people’s Smart Homes to go off and react to what the show was saying (See here). These humorous and creative scenes (while mildly perverted) shows us a future where computers and artificial intelligence will help improve the efficiency of our everyday lives.

Google’s Smart Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and the new Apple Siri Home are all examples of how tech companies are using AI to affect our everyday lives. Facebook even built a research facility to do research into AI and their messengers ‘smart bots’. Every part of your day will be changed, from the moment you wake up to when your stomach starts growling in need of your usual meal of the day.

It’s no secret, restaurants brick and mortar locations are going away. Restaurants are finding new ways to get their food to their customers in the fastest and most effective way possible. Think of how fast Amazon now gets you packages. With this knowledge, it’s only a matter of time before you accidentally say “wow, I’m really in the mood for some BBQ,” and your Smart Home reacts and ask you if they should order you some. No longer will you have to scour the internet to find open restaurants with food you desire. It will be like you have a conversation with an assistant then that assistant then going and ordering your food without you having to lift a finger.

Restaurants are currently, as we said in our last blog, partnering with on-demand delivery. But with the current way technology is advancing at its current pace it won’t be long until we are partnering with Digital Assistants to get your food to your faster, fresher and at cheaper costs.