National Brisket Day was Yesterday

Yesterday was National Brisket Day. At Hoggy’s we work very hard to improve our Brisket every day. Brisket is one of the trickier meats. It takes lots of steps to make it right. Our Brisket is sweet, salty, and peppery on the outside with the bark and smokey and tender on the inside. We only…


We are so thankful for all the support that we have received over the previous weeks. We are happy to announce that our dining room is back open (while following strict social distancing rules). We hope to see you stop in soon!

Our Patio is Open!

WE’RE OPEN! Hoggy’s Restaurant & Catering opens our outdoor seating area on 5/15/2020 and we couldn’t be more excited! Thank you for your continued support!!!

Sauce Spotlight: XXXInferno

Wing Wednesday Sauce Spotlight: XXXinferno!!! Our hottest sauce is very very hot. We are the 10th spiciest dish on Fartley Farms and an 8.5/10 on Tastebuds 614’s hotsh*t scale. Ghost, scorpion, and Carolina reaper peppers will obliterate your senses. Can you handle the heat?  

Sauce Spotlight: Honey Garlic BBQ

Sauce spotlight! Here we have Honey Garlic Wings. They’re sweet and a nutty garlic taste. Wing Wednesday is also the perfect time to try some of our homemade sides! All of our sides are made from scratch with raw ingredients. Our Potato Salad is based on popular recipes used in New York Delis! And once…

Hoggy’s Delivers!

Hoggy’s is now bringing delivery near you! We have always been on Doordash and Postmates, but now you can order delivery (within a 5-mile radius) directly off of our ordering platform. Just click the order now button above and make sure you click the delivery button! We are bringing BBQ to you!

Introducing… the PIGMAC

At Hoggy’s we challenge our chefs to be creative. We want to allow them to be artists and come up with really cool food. Our Chefs outdid themselves with this one… You’ve heard of the #bigmac but have you ever had a Pig Mac? Fresh Pulled Pork, Bacon, Mac Sauce, Pimento Cheese, House Pickles, Cole Slaw, and…

Sauce Spotlight: New Orleans Cajun

We’ve completely sold out of wings the last three weeks on Wing Wednesday, so make you order them ahead before we run out! Today we’re featuring our New Orleans Cajun sauce. It’s more savory than our typical BBQ sauces and adds a special saltiness to your food! It’s our second most popular sauce for our…

Sauce Spotlight: Jamaican Me Crazy

Here at Hoggy’s, we don’t like to be your average BBQ. Our mission is to make the best BBQ in the world! To do that we take inspiration from every part of the BBQ world to improve our customer’s experience. That is why we have 12 different house-made sauces that are inspired by different BBQ…

Mac and Cheese Monday is here!

Every Monday from here on out is Mac and Cheese Monday at Hoggy’s. We will be offering two different specials: Mac and Cheese Bowls – Use Mac and Cheese as a base and add smoked meat, sauce, and toppings to make your mountain of pleasure! Buy 1 lb of Mac and get 1 Lb free!…