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Hoggys Dine In Menu

Off the Bone

Our famous pulled meats are rubbed with our special blend of herbs and spices before being smoked over applewood then slathered in our famous BBQ sauce.




The Single Pig*

Sandwich | Your choice of meat | Add cole slaw




2 Little Pigs

2 Sandwiches | 2 choices of meats | 2 sides | Add cole slaw




Hog Salad*

Greens, cucumber, fried onion straws, corn | Your Choice of meat | Your choice of dressing




Bare Pig*

Your choice of meat | Add cole slaw




On the Bone

Ribs (Half/$16.95  Full/$21.95)

Rubbed with our signature seasoning, then smoked over applewood and served with our BBQ sauce.

Smoked 1/2 Chicken ($12.95)

Seasoned and smoked over applewood and served with our BBQ sauce.

Wings (6/$6.95  12/$11.95)

Smoked over applewood, then flash fried to a crisp.

Homemade Sides/$2.50

Made from scratch

French Fries/$2 for loaded

Potato Chips/$2 for loaded

Mac and Cheese

Red Skin Potato Salad


Onion Rings

Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Side Salad

Baked Beans

Green Beans

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

BBQ Favorites

3 Little Pigs ($11.95)

Your choice of three pulled meats, on slider buns. Comes with two sides of your choice. Add Cole Slaw.

Hog Stack ($9.95)

Sliced pork loin, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, Jamaican sauce. Topped with an onion ring.

Big Ole Fish ($10.95)

White Haddock fillet served with tartar sauce, lettuce, and red onions on a kaiser roll.

Hoggy’s Grazer ($16.95)

A sampling of ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, mac and cheese, chili, baked beans, cole slaw, and corn bread.

BBQ Extras

BBQ Nachos ($9.95)

BBQ pork or chicken, melted cheese, homemade salsa and sour cream.

Potato Skins ($8.95)

With pork or bacon, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese and sour cream.

BBQ Quesadilla ($8.95)

Pulled Chicken or Pork; Dirty rice, tomato salsa, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, and sour cream.

Bulk Options

1 lb feeds 3 people
1 qt feeds 7 people

Pulled Pork/Chicken


Pulled Brisket



25/$22 | 50/$43 | 100/$80

Mac and Cheese


3 Bean Baked Beans

$3.75/pt | $6.95/qt

Cole Slaw


Green Beans


Mash Potatoes and Gravy



On a pretzel or kaiser roll and served with chips.

All American ($9.75)

Red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo, and your choice of cheese.

Italian ($9.75)

Italian sausage and ground beef patty with mayo. Roasted red peppers, onions and red pepper relish, and provolone.

BBQ ($10.75)

BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion ring, and coleslaw.

Steakhouse ($10.75)

Italian sausage and ground beef patty topped with bacon, mushrooms, an onion ring, and provolone.


Whole wheat or white bread and served with chips.
(8’ – $8.50 | 10’ – $9.95)

Chicken or Steak Philly

Red and green peppers, onions, mayo, and provolone.

Steakhouse Cheesesteak

Bacon, mushrooms, crispy fried onions, and blue cheese.


Smoked ham, capicola, salami, sweet pepper, banana pepper, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, provolone.

Turkey Bacon Cheddar

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, and ranch dressing.

Buffalo Chicken

Crispy or grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, crispy fried onions, cheddar cheese, and ranch or blue cheese.

Grilled Vegetarian

Grilled red and green pepper, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and peppercorn ranch topped with your choice of cheese.


Served with Chips.


Smoked ham, capicola, salami, sweet peppers, banana peppers, tomato, red onion, lettuce, mayo, and provolone.

Tomato Basil

Mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil with balsamic vinaigrette.

Turkey Bacon Cheddar

Red Onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.


Served with baked bread.

House ($8.95)

Chopped egg, shredded Swiss cheese, caramelized pecans, and ranch dressing.

Garden ($8.95)

Tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, cheese, and balsamic dressing.

Caesar ($9.95)

Parmesan cheese, crispy or grilled chicken, croutons, and caesar dressing.


Comes with a drink and side.

Little Piglet

Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken with a side.

Chicken Tenders

With your choice of one side.

Kids Burger

With your choice of one side.


(Cup/$3.95 | Bowl/$4.95)
Wedding Soup
Soup of the Day


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Sweet Tea
Iced Tea